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Allow Me to Introduce Myself


I'm TrinaAlaice a stylist and designer to the everyday woman, the aspiring model/ entertainer and the mastermind behind my creative insanity. I've had a love for fashion since forever, but along with fashion, I shared a love for theater, cinema, music and art. Now not one being able to carry a tune or cry on cue, I always knew my days as an entertainer would end the second it began.
But I carried the gift to envision style, characters and to see the big picture.

When listening to a song, the video comes to life in my head, when watching a movie, visions of the characters are automatically styled in my own mind. When I see an entertainer, I ask myself "what look would I have given them!?" Creating images isn't what I do, its a part of who I am, its all I think about.

For the past 5 years I have been using my gift of styling to help individuals become confident in their look. Helping them to create the image that they have always pictured for themselves. Bringing out confidence is very rewarding and I love doing it, but I also love creating looks that aren't so based in reality. I love styling for photo shoots and hope to do it professionally for print or video. I have a passion to be creative and imaginative. I love the idea of colliding reality and fiction and mixing worlds. I am constantly working to perfect my craft. I am always striving to push myself harder and to bring my work to the next level. I invite you to take a look into the Cell of TrinaAlaice

Welcome to my world!

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